Still Making a Difference

We are sorry for such confusion. It has been quite a rocky road aligning all the awards shows involved in tow. Big Apple Awards is on of the gems of the awards show and we are happy to announce that it will continue to recognize those involved in education for the good work they do making a difference.

Merging with Houdini

But what awards show is it? It is still known as BAA Big Apple Awards and yes it works in conjunction with the Platinum PIAs Awards which in turn works with the freshly introduced, Houdini Day Awards also known as the National Magic Day Awards.

Triple Purpose

All these awards show are all playing in the sandbox together, each show taking on the unique needs of the triple partnership. Big Apple Awards are the educational division, Platinum PIAs are the community division and Houdini Day Awards are the entertainment division. Now all bases are covered including education, community and entertainment.