METHOD HOW to Do Things Like Starting Your Own Awards Show are Coming

Have you ever thought that you might want to develop your own awards show like the Big Apple Awards? The Big Apple Awards has built up a following over time, but there are ways you can get audience members faster, which could be a very important aspect of the success of your event. Why? Because having a large and interested group of spectators can make the event sing. A quick note before we dive in is a suggestion to keep an eye on the METHOD HOW website.

Secret Strategy Steps

Shameless plug. When you go to, as of this writing you will see on the METHOD HOW site a “Coming Soon” banner on it because it is still a work-in-progress. But we thought it was important to do a brief piece on highlights of the audience development process. Why? Because the Secret Strategy Steps, for the educational digital product, will take you through 10 easy steps to go about growing an audience for your event.

Getting the METHOD HOW to Do Stuff Does Not Exist Yet

But since the site is not up yet, having access to the METHOD HOW to do this is not possible at this time. Again, the following does not contain the 10 Steps METHOD HOW to FIND CUSTOMERS but rather is an informational look at it, much like a “Trailer” or “Coming Attractions.” Our preview of this METHOD HOW to FIND CUSTOMERS begins with the asking of a question…Wouldn’t it be great if there was a METHOD HOW to find customers or patrons?

Find the RIGHT Audience for Your Project

Of course, it would. So for the full details of this, take a look at the site’s domain name on which is posted the actual launch dates of the site. Meanwhile, all that said, one of the best ways to get a strong audience base is by being confident that you know who the perfect audience member is for your performances and organization. This is a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people do not get a clear idea of who is the kind of individual that they want to find.

Alternative to “Find Audience for Event,” Instead Create Event Based on Audience

Okay, yes, there are many, many guides on how to find your ideal audience member, but for the most part, one of the major issues of these methods is that you can get lost in the realm of seeking demographics including your avatar’s age, job, interests, living location and so on. To simplify the process, if you have not yet created the details of what your event is going to be about, then do this in reverse. Rather than planning an event and seeking audience members, do your event based on what your desired audience members would like to see.

Your Event Needs to Be Their Solution

Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. Okay, that said, wonder if you have already created your event plan and are locked into using it, therefore you are forced to take the less results-oriented path of trying to find people who would be interested in what you are offering. To keep things easy and very doable, think of the kind of person needs what your event offers. Do not stop at your first concept of who that person is. Make an entire list of the sort of individual will actually find what you are developing, the solution to the problem they have.

Provide Relief

What is the solution they want and how will your event give that to them? The point here is that you are searching for the type of person who truly NEEDS what you are doing. Not entertainment value. Not random shots in the dark. But instead, a concrete look for folks who will experience what you have created as a solution to their state of mind. What you are making should give your future audience member relief from the internal pains they have.

Do You Want to do Something for Which You Need a METHOD HOW?

Your event should be very important medicine for their thoughts being tangled. A big job for you? Yes. But if you follow this track and are able to convey it to those who read it, you will have a winner. Though, you also need to get your information in front of those who are hungry to consume it. And do not forget the METHOD HOW to do things that we have been suggesting plus much more, will be ready very soon.