The Big Apple Awards focus primarily on educators. And one of the biggest wins for small business owners is to learn from the education approach. Think of it this way. Especially if you have a product or service that requires a slight learning curve to actually use what you offer, this is a chance to educate your market while they take in info about your product/service.

If you are like a lot of business owners in this transition to the “New Normal” as a result of COVID, large fires, overwhelming flooding and more, you likely are seeking a way of marketing your business that is low or no cost. One of the big things that business owners worry about is how they, as one of the “Businesses in Need” are going to be able to afford search engine and social media ads. At this point in history, online ads have a hefty and not always work, Is there an alternative?

It certainly is not a new idea, but one that is underused. This is likely at least in part to business owners having the fear of taking on video production and expensive technologies to put together and then ultimate host on the web, online course A lot can be learned about marketing by looking at the education methodologies.

The fact is that many small businesses at the present time are struggling to make ends meet. Although more and more consumers are getting out and about, the same challenges of having a business still exist. Even businesses that utilize eCommerce are having a hard time. But an easy and effective way to market what you do is to write an eBook or create an eVideo.

Think of it this way, when someone has a product or service that they need, they will be happy to find and watch you video lessons or read your eBook. Many of you know this, but some do not, but the reality is we live in an amazing age where you can create things like eBooks and videos, and it does not have to cost you a dime. Simply go online and start searching!