As the Story Goes…

If you believe all the hype early in her career, Mariah Carey had one thing on her mind when first starting. Fame, more fame, and did we mention fame. Now she is giving back through getting involved in charities such as Aid Still Required, Elevate Hope Foundation, American Stroke Association and many more.

Is Leveraging Fame Okay?

A question that has been asked over and over is whether or not celebrities are leveraging their fame when they do good deeds to look cool, or is it truly to make a difference? DIYdigi, the marketing agency, analyzes this question along with others in their latest blog entry seen here.

Giving Back

We believe it is possible for those with fame to give back, even though “giving back” can become an opportunity to celebify one’s self.

The Balance

So is it possible for someone to do good deeds and still want fame? The way we look at it is that celebrities are likely making a difference as a photo op to be seen making a difference. But that’s okay. That’s their psychologic hang up. It’s all fine if those in need are truly helped! So thanks for using your fame for the right reasons Mariah!