Putting it in context.

For those of you who have found yourself on this, the Big Apple Awards site, for the first time, to give you some backstory, the Big Apples Awards is the outgrowth of the now closed after ten years, annual awards event known as the Platinum PIAs. The premise of the PIAs was to recognize those who are making a difference in their communities. Based primarily in Northern Manhattan, including the Inwood and Washington Heights neighborhoods, the PIAs had a meaningful run for a decade and presented awards to neighborhood store owners, artists, institutions, and educators, just to mention a few kinds of New Yorkers. The mission of recognizing educators has continued in the form of the Big Apple Awards.

Educators to Education to eBooks

We mentioned educators because you could say that in a manner of speaking, we are doing an education experiment by showing you an excerpt from a nonfiction and instructional eBook that is being written though a collaboration of some of the folks involved in the Platinum PIAs and now with the Big Apple Awards.

The mission of the eBook.

The mission of the eBook is to empower business owners and those who are considering starting a business by providing them with step-by-step plans to be able to promote their businesses and other projects more effectively. Hopefully, you the reader will find the following excerpt from the eBook helpful. The book is about niche marketing and the preview is here:

Start on a human level.

Statistically, human beings are much more likely to make a purchase of something that relates to defining who they are and what their needs, wants and desires are. This is the magic of niche marketing because it is marketing that appeals to one or more of a variety of dissimilar categories and characteristics that are also known as niches.

Find as many specific and unique characteristics of how your ideal customer sees themselves as and respond to. Below are some characteristics to choose from to help you, as a plan user, to continue to evolve and develop your own step by step strategic plan. This list is by no means complete and there are many more dimensions and interests of human beings Do any of these items match your niche audience:

Profession, Needs, Lifestyle, Behavior, Culture, Activities, Hobbies, Occasion, Philosophy, Habits, Style, Geographic Area, Environmental, Fitness, Health, Computers, Technology, SaaS and Software, Tourism, Travel, Music, Fashion, Pets, Astrology, Alternative Energy, Alternative Beliefs, Traditional Beliefs, Job Opportunities, Business, Products, Services, Dating, Language, Education, Kids, Family, Parenting, Self Help, New Age, Entrepreneurship, Theater, Entertainment etc.

List all your products and/or services that you will sell online.

This always a good exercise to remind yourself of what it is that you need to sell to your niche audience.

Next to each of the items you have listed, write a description of how and why this item is beneficial for use by members of your niche audience.

The reason that this is important is because the benefits of your products and/or services are the various motivations that your niche audience members will have which is why they are searching for you.

Next to each “benefit” that has been designated to a specific product and/or service, write one sentence that describes why this benefit is highly motivating to your niche audience.

Each of your products and/or services must bring about a strong motivation in the minds of your niche audience. For you to maximize the sale potential for each of your items they must have something different about them that is of value and is not possessed by your competition.

Write a paragraph to your future “leads into customers” as to how your products and/or services have something incredibly special that is quite different from what all the others offer and why this is a strong and especially significant difference that results in tangible benefits to the customer not available anywhere else.