Ok, we have established you are smart and that there are ways you put yourself emotionally at risk. But one area we have not considered is that of having your own conspiracy theories of why the things are happening to you the way that they are happening. Doing this kind of investigating and looking into your life can, in small doses, be one of the best things you can do. But watch out because it could be the worst as well. It could set a fire going within yourself. And you are so close to success and do not have a lot left to learn.

Flames like those inside you can burn down your potential. You could be a victim of yourself. Your world might shatter because of lunatic beliefs you have that keep you again and again and again from succeeding. But there is a way out. You do not have to feel so helpless. You can even turn doubt about yourself around. No more backlash that can destroy your self-esteem. Not taking care of yourself in this way can be chilling for you the Startup Introvert.

No more matter how unsure you might be about yourself, and your chances in the so-called “real world,” you can greatly reduce panic if you just do the obvious. Many Startup Introverts are overly consumed with wishing only to be original. No copycatting. It also almost becomes a kind of phobia again what is clear, simple, easy and focused. This is sad, because down the line, if you have only thrown yourself full-fledged into what is “different,” this can be an agonizing mistake that comes back to bite you. Maybe you will learn the hard way, rather than learn the happy way.