Don’t Burn Up Your Potential and Learn Instead

Ok, we have established you are smart and that there are ways you put yourself emotionally at risk. But one area we have not considered is that of having your own conspiracy theories of why the things are happening to you the way that they are happening. Doing this kind of investigating and looking into […]

How to figure out who your niche audience is

Putting it in context. For those of you who have found yourself on this, the Big Apple Awards site, for the first time, to give you some backstory, the Big Apples Awards is the outgrowth of the now closed after ten years, annual awards event known as the Platinum PIAs. The premise of the PIAs […]

Awards or Education?

Change of Plans We considered creating a new awards show (Big Apple Awards) that would put a positive spotlight on those who are outstanding educators. Our plan was to celebrate teachers who were making a difference in the lives of their students, their communities and beyond. But as we delved deeper into the process of […]

Yianni Stamas Examines What January 4th is Now Known As

A Special Day The Big Apple Awards recognizes those who have made a difference throughout history. Today, January 4, is the date of Louis Braille’s birthday. The United Nations recently made today’s date offically to be known as World Braille’s Day because Louis Braille invented Braille which is the method by which blind people are […]

Bringing Our Country Together

Transformation Although it seems impossible, if everyone was to focus on giving in a bit on their views and in some cases hate, we can transform the country. The People Speak? We are hoping that tomorrow you get out and vote. We know we will. Some say “why vote?” The answer is obvious. The reason […]

Apple for the Teacher?

The Big Apple Awards is the educational division of the Home Business Awards. One of the things that we encourage educators from all over America to do is to potentially work the ideas of entrepreneurship and home based businesses into their curriculum if these topics are not already. The truth of the matter is that […]

Is it Possible for Someone to Do Good Deeds and still Want Fame?

As the Story Goes… If you believe all the hype early in her career, Mariah Carey had one thing on her mind when first starting. Fame, more fame, and did we mention fame. Now she is giving back through getting involved in charities such as Aid Still Required, Elevate Hope Foundation, American Stroke Association and […]