Studies Via Computers

No matter how you slice it, the Big Apple Awards is an awards show committed to honoring those who have taken the path of education. Especially today this is a challenging path because of the need for remote education. Kids in NYC are not going to an actual school building but rather are getting their studies from teachers via computer.

Captivating Students

To us this shows that all educators in Manhattan, NY and beyond, are people who are going above and beyond. We consider them to be heroes. It is not easy to totally recalibrate how you teach. It is hard enough to grade all the papers and do the work that educators do. Now added to the mix is having to do this in a way that captivates students and keep them interested in their studies.

Making a Difference

It really is quite amazing what is going on here in New York in terms of education. It is a collaboration between educators and students. Both sides are doing their best to keep education in the city on track. It is going to be challenging to figure out who the winners are, because regardless of how you slice it, they are all making a difference.