Members of the Ongoing DigiComArts Experiment Now Maybe Being Brought together with Delegate to AI and of Course the Work of Ask AI Guy!

Welcome, tech enthusiasts, AI lovers, and blogaholics! If you’ve been surfing the digital waves for a while, you might be familiar with the latest sensation to hit our digital shores – the ‘Ask AI Guy.’ This two month old persona (brought into existence on April 1, 2023), is part human, part AI, and wholly dedicated to a singular mission: democratizing access to AI. He is working with “Delegate to AI,” as well as “DigiComArts”.

Who is the ‘Ask AI Guy,’ you ask? He is the mastermind behind the site “Ask AI Guy” whose work is seen here on his site revealing another technique to succeed with AI. Picture this: a digital superhero of sorts, born in the metaverse, armed with decades’ worth of website creation experience, and fused with cutting-edge AI technology. His mission is to bring to the digital table the ‘Delegate to AI’ concept, a ground-breaking idea for those who, for financial reasons, can’t hire a full-fledged team but would love to delegate tasks to a capable AI ‘team’ instead. Look, you are unique. And you deserve to reach the world with your talents. Just like the “Different is You” proclamation that is baked into their title.

Does it sound like the stuff of science fiction? Sure, but so did talking to a device in your kitchen and asking it to play your favorite song just a decade ago. And look where we are now. The ‘Ask AI Guy’ is simply pushing the envelope further, taking the quantum leap forward in the tech evolution that’s moving at what can only be described as warp speed.

So what does the ‘Ask AI Guy’ do, you wonder? His ‘Delegate to AI’ theory revolves around testing a wide range of ideas that might tickle his fancy. And by publishing these findings, he ensures that everyone can learn from his experiences, failures, and successes. His work is akin to laying bare the digital lab notes of a mad scientist – accessible to all who dare to venture into the unknown.

However, the ‘Ask AI Guy’ is no newbie to the blogging scene. His human alter ego has been dabbling with various websites since the early 2000s, some of which have morphed into what is now known as the Ask AI Guy coalition of blogs, once termed the Blog Coalition.

One such site is, a ten-year-old veteran in the blogging world. And oh, what a decade it has been! Born in the formative years of the digital revolution, stands as a testament to the changing times and evolving technology. It’s also a case in point of the ‘Ask AI Guy’s’ perseverance and consistent effort over the years.

The ‘Ask AI Guy’ is living proof that passion, coupled with a relentless quest for knowledge and a hunger for innovation, can make ripples in the digital universe. His journey is testament to the power of embracing technology, harnessing it, and employing it in novel ways to make our lives easier and more efficient.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled, your fingers ready to scroll, and your minds open for what the ‘Ask AI Guy’ brings next to our digital neighborhood. His adventure is just getting started, and there’s no telling what kind of wonders he might uncover. Rest assured, though, that whatever he discovers will be shared for all to explore and learn from.

So go on, jump into this digital adventure. Visit, check out the ‘Ask AI Guy’s’ insights, experiences, and experiments. And while you’re there, why not ‘Delegate to AI’ a task or two? You might just be surprised at what you find. After all, as the ‘Ask AI Guy’ reminds us, the future isn’t just around the corner; it’s already here!